In the 2004 version of the game, the introduction starts off with your family celebrating the fact that their debt is about to be payed off; you are just a child when this happens. However, Marquis Montalban arrives to tell them that their ships were lost at sea and their debt is due (it is implied that he destroyed their ships, as he would have no other way of knowing that they were lost). He sells your family into slavery, but you run away.

When you reach the age of eighteen, you sail to the new world to find your lost family members and get revenge against Marquis Montalban.

When you go to a tavern or a Jesuit Mission, the people you ask will periodically tell you that Baron Raymoundo has information about one of you're lost relatives. You will need to defeat him in exchange for part of a map. Once you have the full map, you will need to go to the location and (with a landing party) walk to the cabin your relative is in.

Order of Rescuing Edit

You rescue your relatives in this order; sister, uncle, aunt, and grandfather.

Each time you rescue them, you kick down the door to the cabin they are imprisoned in. They look up, see that you rescued them, and rush over to hug you. They are always wearing ragged version of the clothes they wore in the intro cutscene. When rescued, they will either inform you of Marquis Montalban's whereabouts, or gives you a piece of a map to one of the lost cities.

Effect on Ending Edit

Rescuing each family member increases your fame score.

If you fail to rescue any of them, your retirement description includes this:

"Unfortunately, you were unable to rescue any members of your family. This omission haunts you throughout your remaining years."

If you rescue one or more family members (but not all), then it includes this:

"You were able to rescue (1-3) of your family members. Your joy is tempered with sadness as you live out your remaining years."

If you rescue all of your family members, then it includes this:

"Happily, you were able to rescue all of your family members. Joyous family gatherings highlight your remaining years."