Famous Pirate
Famous Pirates

Famous Pirates are named pirates featured in Sid Meier's Pirates! (2004). There are nine Famous Pirates in total (the Player Character is the 10th).

They have three different roles in the game:

  • The Player Character competes against them on the Top 10 Pirates page available via the Check Status option.
  • They all have their own Buried Treasure somewhere in the Caribbean Land. The shady traveller in Tavern will sell maps pointing to these locations.
  • They will roam the Caribbean like The Player Characters in their own ships. They can be engaged and defeated by the Player Character. Informants such as the Barmaid may give the Player directions to the whereabouts of a Famous Pirate. When they do, the said Pirate will appear in the Quests bar. More often the Player will meet them by accident though.

All Famous Pirates are named after actual historical pirates, an all of them have their own unique flag, present both flying in the mast of their own ship on the High Seas, and as icon on the Personal Status page in the Treasure Found section, when their buried treasure has been found and dug up by the Player Character.

Most Famous Pirates are made to resemble their historical figures in one or several aspect, such as the physical appearance of the character, their flag, or the name or type of their well-known ship. There are several historical inaccuracies though. For example, Blackbeard was not active before year 1716, yet in the game he may be encountered well before that.

List of Famous PiratesEdit

The Famous Pirates(listed from most notorious to least along with ship type and treasure amount) are:

Henry MorganEdit

Large Frigate, Treasure worth 10,000 gold


Frigate, Treasure worth 9,000 gold

Captain KiddEdit

Brig of War, treasure worth 8,000 gold

Jean LafitteEdit

Brig, treasure worth 7,000 gold

Stede BonnetEdit

Brigantine, treasure worth 6,000 gold


Brigantine, treasure worth 5,000 gold

Roc BrasilianoEdit

Royal Sloop, treasure worth 4,000 gold

Bart RobertsEdit

Sloop of War, treasure worth 3,000 gold

Jack RackhamEdit

Sloop of War, treasure worth 2,000 gold

Defeating Famous PiratesEdit

As mentioned above, the Famous Pirates sail on the Caribbean, and they can be Tracked, Engaged and Defeated in combat. When defeated, the Player plunders all their wealth, which is shown on the Top 10 Pirates page. The wealth of the defeated pirate will drop to 0, and his head will appear as an icon on the Personal Status page in the Defeated Pirates section.

Defeating a Famous Pirate will also increase Player Character's Fame.

After being defeated, the Famous Pirate will not reappear.

Upon winning the duel, a special scene will be shown. The most common one is the character throwing a sword at the enemy and it misses but to hit a rope that causes a large crate to swing towards the enemy and knock them into the sea, Sometimes upon defeat an alternate scene will play where they duck the crate only for it to swing back and knock them into the sea the other direction. The final pirate you defeat will jump onto the crate and swing his sword menacingly, only to cut the rope in the process and fall into the sea. Alternate scenes can be identified by a slightly different start to the music.