The Fast Galleon is the most modern Galleon variant, featuring a cut-down size, much lighter weight, and an upgraded sail configuration, resulting in a ship that whilst it shares a profile with the other Combat Galleon Class ships, is considerably faster and more maneuverable.

The Fast Galleon is the fastest large ship in the entire game.

General DescriptionEdit

Developed as a picket ship, the Fast Galleon is most-commonly seen as an escort for critical trade and support vessels. It can even be seen guarding Flag Galleons during "New Warship" assignments, and even sees occasional use as a Pirate Hunter or Invasion Force spearhead. Like all Galleons, it's exclusively used by the Spanish. Extremely mobile for a Galleon, it boasts an incredibly high top speed, and enough Maneuverability to put it within striking distance of a Frigate's. It is the favored vessel of Colonel Mendoza, so it's possible to capture one by completing the Marriage sub-quest.

Ship Type
Fast Galleon
Small member of the Combat Galleon class
War Galleon
2004 Ship CombatGalleon
The Predator of the Seas
Prevalence: Uncommon
Physical Size: Smallest
Maneuverability: Low-Med
Durability: High
Best Sailing Point: Broad Reach, Running Broad Reach, to Running Before the Wind
Comparative Speed: Slow-High
Best Speed: Highest
Max. Cannons: 24 Icon Cannon
Max. Crew: 160 Icon Crew
Min. Crew: 12 Icon Crew
Ideal Crew (w/ Max Cannons): 100 Icon Crew
Cargo Capacity: 80 tons
Basic Sale Price: 500 Icon GoldCoin

In the Player's HandsEdit

The Fast Galleon is a skirmisher and blockade runner par excellence. Though it's got about 1/3 fewer guns than a Frigate, and isn't quite as maneuverable, it has significantly heavier armor and is much quicker under favorable sailing conditions. This unique configuration means that it can function as either a warship or a light transporter as needed, and its ability to hold a fair-sized crew on top of it all only sweetens the pot. Like all Galleons, it is extremely poor when Close-Hauled due to its sail configuration, but its better sailing abilities outside of this make it a formidable vessel for skirmishing and direct combat. With its high top-end speed, it makes a fine pirate ship - hard to escape from, but powerful enough to cause serious damage.

Historical InformationEdit

Fast Galleons were intended as escort vessels and picket ships for larger War Galleons, though they were later pressed into service as reconnaissance vessels, troop transports, and pursuit vessels. They became especially popular as time went on; their fast speed paired with high durability made them exceptional vessels for patrolling, and with their high number of cannons and solid defense, they were often used as interdiction vessels.