2004 Flag Netherlands
2004 Ship Fluyt

A fluyt is a merchant class ship of the fluyt class. It is used exclusively by the Dutch and is rather ungainly. It has no remarkable aspects apart from it being able to carry a large volume of cargo. It is poorly armed and not very useful for pirating. It's upgraded version is the Large Fluyt, which is slightly larger but has the same sailing qualities.

  • Speed: Very Slow
  • Turning: Wide
  • Max Cargo: 80
  • Max Crew: 75
  • Guns: 8

Fluyts were invented by the Dutch around 1600, then widely copied throughout northern Europe. Fluyts are cargo vessels specially designed to be cheap to operate and able to get in and out of poor anchorages. This vessel can be sailed with a tiny crew (12 to 15 men is not uncommon). Despite its large cargo capacity, the fluyt possesses a draft so shallow that it can enter rivers, coves and small harbors inaccessible to larger craft. These slow and unmaneuverable vessels make poor warships and horrible pirate vessels although lucrative pirate prey). The large fluyt and West Indiaman are bigger versions of this ship.