Food is an important part of management for your fleet. It's necessary to keep a minimum amount of food to avoid crew insubordination.

General Information Edit

Food is a resource necessary to feed your ship's crew. It takes 1 ton of food to feed 20 crew for a month. You can see how much food you have in the lower left side corner of the screen. If your reserve of food falls to 0, your crew may revolt. Like other resources kept in ships, food is weighed in tons and only a certain amount can be carried depending on ship size and other resources being carried.

Obtaining Edit

Obtaining food is not so difficult, one way to get it is through purchasing the item from a merchant. Food can also be looted from captured enemy vessels after a ship battle.

Specialists Edit

There are two specialists that are associated with food that are always useful to have.

  • Cook

Cooks prepare tasty meals at sea, which helps to keep crew morale up. This allows you to stay at sea for longer without the crew turning on you. Always a good thing.

  • Cooper

Coopers help you preserve your food in barrels. This means that Food takes up less space in the cargo hold, allowing for more 'useful' goods to be carried. 1 ton of food can feed 30 crew for a month if you have a cooper.