Dancing f.16223

A governor always has a daughter; she flirts and invites you to balls, plus, you can marry her!

A governor's daughter is met whenever you visit the governor of a town (under the assumption that the faction does not hate you, and that this is not the first time you have been to one of its ports.) If you are a high enough rank (or with a stylish headgear), she will invite you to a ball, where the dance minigame begins. The second time you arrive (if a new governor has not replaced the existing one), she will ask for a gift, ruby ring or diamond necklace, although the latter is more expensive, it returns higher reward or better information from her. The next time, she tells you that her fiancé will duel the player on his return. Next visit, if you visit the governor, the daughter informs you of the fiancé waiting outside. If you defeat him, you receive normal reward or information and continues with the romance, i.e. another dance. On your next visit, the governor tells you that Colonel Mendoza has kidnapped his daughter. Mendoza functions like Baron Raymondo or Marquis Montalban, but with a Fast Galleon. Once you have rescued her, you get information about a lost city and on your next visit will have the option to propose marriage to her. After the wedding, you can continue to dance with your wife and obtain rewards of special items, information, or maps, depending on her beauty and your performance.

Daughters come in three types-Plain, Attractive and Beautiful. These ranks determine how difficult it will be to romance them, and also determines what they wear and (quite amusingly) how big their bust is. All three provide different reward, although they are interacted in the same plot line above. Failure in a step (dancing poorly, not gifting, lose to fiancé, or no rescue) will end the romance with her.

Plain daughter can be danced with at Captain rank for the concerned faction (or with a stylish cap). And, after successfully advancing on the romance subplot, she will provide the location of a criminal or offer a special item.

An Attractive daughter can be danced with at Colonel rank (or with a special hat) and if successful, provides a special item or information on Baron Raymondo or enemies of the Crown, if all your family members have been rescued.

Beautiful daughter can be danced with at Baron rank (or with an Ostrich Feather Hat) and gives information on Raymondo, Montalban, any undiscovered lost city treasure maps such as the Incas and Aztecs, or enemies of the Crown.