Henry Morgan

Henry Morgan

Henry Morgan is the most notorious Pirate by default in the game. He has a special Large Frigate named Queen Anne's Revenge, though Queen Anne's Revenge actually belonged to Blackbeard historically. Despite his notoreity, his dueling skill isn't too impressive. Like all other Famous Pirates, he has a home port and can be found at random or be told about by tavern folk. He is worth the most money and has a buried treasure worth 10,000 Gold.

The Real Henry MorganEdit

Like all other famous Pirates, Henry Morgan was a real pirate. Famed for his cruelty and naval prowess, Morgan was from Wales and was actually an Admiral of the Royal Navy. He was eventually discharged from the Navy after too many cruel acts. A famous story of his cruelty was when he pillaged a Spanish City in the Carribean. The people had valuable rings, but the rings wouldn't come off their fingers. So he had their fingers cut off so he could have the rings. Read more on the article of Henry Morgan on Wikipedia.