2004 Flag Netherlands
2004 Ship Fluyt

A large fluyt is a ship of the merchant class which is used exclusively by the Dutch. It is slightly larger than the base fluyt, yet actually has a smaller amount of maximum crew (according to 2004 PSP Handbook). It is slow, cumbersome, and ungainly, and is quite useless for pirating except for carrying plundered cargo. It is also poorly armed, but does have 4 more cannons than the base fluyt.

  • Speed: Very Slow
  • Turning: Wide
  • Max Cargo: 100
  • Max Crew: 50
  • Guns: 12

Fluyts were invented by the Dutch around 1600, then widely copied throughout northern Europe. As waterway cargo tolls were charged based on the size of the top deck of a ship, these cargo vessels were specifically designed with a narrow top deck but wide hold and flat bottom, creating a bottom-heavy, pear-shaped ship which could carry much cargo at a low cost, but also easily navigate in shallower waters.

The Large Fluyt can be sailed with a small crew. Although it is somewhat better armed than its smaller cousin the Fluyt, the large fluyt in-game remains terribly slow and unmaneuverable. It too is entirely ill-equipped to be used as a warship or pirate vessel. Its design bears similarities to the West Indiaman.