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Marquis de la Montalban (more commonly abbreviated as Marquis Montalban) is one of the main antagonists in the game Sid Meier's Pirates!, accompanied by Baron Raymondo and Colonel Mendoza. Montalban is responsible for the kidnap of the protagonist's family members.


Montalban takes your family prisoner after a fleet of ships belonging to them goes missing (though it's heavily implied that Montalban sunk them himself to justify kidnapping them).


Montalban is a old, grey haired man with an eyepatch on his right eye. His outfit is gold, purple and red with black boots. He also wields a gun at higher levels.

Finding and DefeatingEdit

He must be defeated a few times at sea in order to locate his hideout, which, after a land battle, puts you to duel with him, and if successful, ends the quest to avenge your family. He is easily the best swordsman in the game, and, if the duel with him is lost, he'll escape, prompting you to have to hunt him down. He uses a Flag Galleon in-game with 5,000 gold. In the iPad version you have to do a series of quests to track him down instead of attacking his Flag Gallons. Succeeding at defeating Montalban in his hideout earns you a massive 100,000 Gold, all the specialists for your ship, and Montalban himself as a crew member.


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On Adventurer or higher difficulty, he uses a Rapier.