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The Pirate Haven of Liberte, as seen in Sid Meier's Pirates! (2004).

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Pirate Haven is a type of visitable place in Sid Meier's Pirates! (2004). They belong to the Pirate Faction.

Pirate Havens are small temporary settlements, where Buccaneers and other Pirates gather. They tend to spring up near to busy trade routes. Pirate Havens are in different locations from game to game.

Sometimes one of the Top Ten Pirates may be found in residence from game to game.

Pirate Havens behave like Ports and offer almost all of their services. Pirate Havens cannot be attacked. Havens are led by the Captain.

Locating a Pirate HavenEdit

Pirate Havens are scattered around the Caribbean. They are visible on the Sailing Map but aren't as obivious as Ports, and the game does not offer a text pointing at their direction when close by. They will only appear on the World Map when the map is sufficiently zoomed in. Pirate Havens names are colored black.

Special Item Rutters may be helpful in locating them.


Pirate Havens offer the following services:

  • Talk to the Captain
  • Visit the Tavern
  • Trade with the Merchant
  • Consult with the Shipwright

Talk to the Captain option has two possible results:

  • The Captain gives some reason why it is time plunder and pillage, and asks the Player Character, which City they should attack. One nearby Port of all four European Nations will be presented as an option, as well as the option to not choose any of them.
  • If the player chose a City, and returns to the Captain before the pirate ships have reached their destination, or just after they have, the Captain will only tell that the ships have not returned yet.

Tavern, Trading and Consulting the Shipwright work as they do in Ports. Since the player cannot receive any rank among the pirates, he does not receive any of their benefits in Pirate Havens. Thus, there are no discounts to the repairing and upgrading of ships, no extra men to recruit and less to trade.


The following names are used for Pirate Havens:

Blacktown, Boucanville, La Crique, La Ville Du Traitre, Le Gardon, Liberte, Lost Harbor, Mad Dick's Bones, Newgate, Plage Noir, Port Cache, Port Freedom, Port Morne, Port Sur, Sydneystown, The Fortress, Tom's Rest, Ville D'Ouragan, Ville De Tresor, World's End