In every town and city you can visit the local Tavern. Inside, you can recruit for your crew, buy items and information from the Mysterious Traveler, or gather information from the Bar Maid and Tavern Keeper.


On the left, by the fireplace, is where potential pirate crewmen mill about. The size of the crowd will depend on the economy and population of the town you are in. Defeating the Captain of the Guard, who is occasionally harassing the Bar Maid, will increase the number of men willing to join your crew for the day. Crewmen cannot be recruited in settlements.

The TravelerEdit

In the back of the bar, a Mysterious Traveler is lounging. He offers information on cities he has visited recently for free, telling you the price of each of the goods, the population status, the prosperity, and the military status. He also will offer to sell you tips, such as the fact that the Baron Raymondo is the one who has your family members. Most often the Traveler will sell you Special Items or Treasure Map pieces. The price fluctuates depending on several factors, including the difficulty setting and the level of the item. He will even tell you what your next quest is after you finish one.


The BarmaidEdit

The Barmaid will offer tips to help you in your travels. Often she will let you know when a nearby ship is carrying a special crew member or a large amount of gold, bringing up a map with the route and current location. She will also give you updates on the location, abilities, ships, and home ports of famous pirates and Villains. When there's nothing else to say, she will comment on your local rank, fame rank, or simply say that there's nothing going on.


The BarkeeperEdit

On the far right is the barkeeper. He is also a good source of information. He will tell you when his town is in need of a pirate raid, fresh blood from a missionary, or a new governor from a small settlement. He will also let you know where the beautiful daughters live, can give you information on the current location of a villain (ie Marquis Montalban), and point you in the direction of wanted criminals.

Captain of the Guard Edit

Often you will find the Captain of the Guard harassing the Barmaid. When he is around, neither she nor the Barkeeper will talk to you. You can opt to back away from him, or engage him in a sword fight. The sword fight scene is the same as when you confront a criminal. Once the captain is defeated, you will be able to recruit more men for your crew that day. Criminals are also fought this way, as are Evil Spaniards should you catch them in town.