The War Galleon is the middle-weight variant of the Combat Galleon Class. Like all Galleons, they are used solely by the Spanish.

General DescriptionEdit

The War Galleon is the main front-line combat ship used by the Spanish; when Spain is at war with her enemies, the War Galleon will ever be in the vanguard. Though it possesses sluggish maneuverability, it has a large capacity for Crew, holds an impressive 32 cannons, and can carry 90 tons of cargo. In many ways, it is comparable to the Frigate; it isn't as maneuverable nor quick-to-accelerate as the smaller vessel, but has heavier armor - stronger than a Large Frigate's - and it holds 10 more tons of cargo, with a higher top-end speed as well.

War Galleons are dedicated military ships, and as such, will always be encountered in some operational capacity or another - either as a Pirate Hunter, an escort for another ship, or as the spearhead for an Invasion force. If the bounty on the player's head is high enough, they will also be used as Pirate Hunters. The general tactic behind using the War Galleon is similar to other Galleons: Rely on sheer number of cannons to unleash at least one broadside, before using the ship's sheer size to close in and start Boarding during the ensuing chaos.

Worth noting, the War Galleon is the favored ship of Baron Raymondo. You are literally guaranteed to encounter one through gameplay, making it a fairly-easy-to-acquire - and nonetheless-valuable - asset.

Ship Type
War Galleon
Mid-Sized member of the Combat Galleon class
Fast Galleon
Flag Galleon
2004 Ship CombatGalleon
Military Arm of the Spanish Armada
Prevalence: Common
Physical Size: Large
Maneuverability: Low
Durability: High
Best Sailing Point: Running Broad Reach to Running Before the Wind
Comparative Speed: Slow-High
Best Speed: Highest
Max. Cannons: 32 Icon Cannon
Max. Crew: 200 Icon Crew
Min. Crew: 13 Icon Crew
Ideal Crew (w/ Max Cannons): 107 Icon Crew
Cargo Capacity: 90 tons
Basic Sale Price: 500 Icon GoldCoin

In the Player's HandsEdit

It's hard to not like the War Galleon - essentially Spain's counterpart to the Frigate, the War Galleon makes a solid Flagship, though its lower mobility and slow speed when close-hauled makes it a bit less of a more-finicky option. A higher top-end speed makes it a great ship for long voyages, though it has difficulty turning quickly, especially without upgrades, and is a particularly large vessel.

Much more common than other combat ships, the War Galleon's sheer utility as a heavy ship makes it a definite contender, though many players eschew it for more specialized fare - like the Brig Class or Sloop Class for mobility, the Frigate, Large Frigate, and Fast Galleon for a blend of firepower and size, or the Flag Galleon and Ship Of The Line for brute force.

Historical InformationEdit

As the name implies, the War Galleon was built as a warship, first and foremost. By all accounts, it was one of the most successful large-scale ships of its era, with its large size and large number of cannons making it an intimidating foe, whilst its heavy armor and high top-end speed made it a threat that sent lesser privateers scurrying for cover. Through brute force alone, it remained one of the most dominating forces on the Spanish Main until newer warships - smaller, more manuverable combat vessels, like the Brig Class, and better-equipped vessels like the Frigate Class became available. Even afterwards the design did not really ever fall out of use with the Spanish until much later, when smaller, more mobile warships became preferred due to their cost and ability to hold a similar capacity on a much easier-to-manage vessels.